LiveCD 6.1.1-4

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Thu Mar 16 15:24:12 PST 2006

Vincent Lam wrote:
> Is the 6.1.1-4 liveCD the latest stable?
> The website says 6.1.1-3, but 6.1.1-4 is not labelled "pre".
> The 6.1.1-4 has been on the mirrors since Feb 19. Is there anything to 
> lose by using 6.1.1-4?

6.1.1-4 should might as well be the stable version, the only problem 
currently is that all 6.1.1-X LiveCD's have a bug with i586 and lower 
machines.  I hadn't released it since I was hoping the bug was an easy 
fix.  Turns out it isn't.

So yes, 6.1.1-4 is the latest stable as long as you are on a i686 or 
similar machine.


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