"Starting init..."

Howard L. hlenderk at bcpl.net
Thu Mar 16 08:40:11 PST 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> Howard L. wrote:
>> linux noapic pci=noapic mem=64M
> typo, should be pci=noacpi.

Hah! I thought it was a typo on the list ! My reasoning: the first one 
was apic why not the second?
(what do I know)

> Many thanks for the report about the desktop.
> This (kernel oops) is a very bad news to me (and you are the first to 
> report it). If you have a digital camera, please take a photo of this 
> and mail here. Otherwise, write everything down starting from the 
> "PREEMPT SMP" line.
> If there is something scrolled above the top of the screen, try the 
> following at the boot prompt:
> linux noapic pci=noacpi mem=64M vga=789
>> I am sure don't see anything about "LiteOn"!
> Thanks, now I am sure that LiteOn is a red herring.

I will first try the correct "noacpi" on both machines.  The photo! is a 
novel idea but I'll try to type the output so you can share it around.
It's about 15-20 lines that remain onscreen so I should be able to type 
them right. Wish I could print to a file I could pick up later but I 
guess with no OS going ya can't write to a disk very well , or can you? 
hmmm is there that capability in the bootloader?  I guess you would have 
said something if so.
Ok, back in a while,  Glad to be of help and Thanks,  Howard

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