Installing kernel in liveCD 6.2-pre2

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Jan 29 08:56:30 PST 2006

Filip Bartmann wrote:
> I'm trying to include support for suspend2 in lfs-liveCD. But when start
> in the command make modules_install I have this output:
> ln: target `.note.GNU-stack,, at progbits/source' is not a directory
> make: *** [_modinst_] Error 1
> In the directory with kernel sources this make empty directory
> GCC:(GNU)4.0.2
> I copy contents of squashed fs on my hard drive, and I build linux
> kernel in chroot mode.
> What I do wrong?

I'm not quite sure I understand what you're doing. If you want to
upgrade a kernel on the LiveCD (and you're intending to use modules), it
would probably be easier for you if you used our Makefiles to build the
CD from the start.


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