64 bit build?

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Sun Jan 29 01:16:10 PST 2006

Well, after much procrastinating and vacillating, I'm finally ready to try my 
hand at building a 64-bit LFS system.

To reduce the headache, I'm going to use the 
lfslivecd-x86_64-CRS051009-pre1.iso with several added files.

I'll be adding the latest stable book, which is not on this CD, along with 
up-to-date stable sources and looking over Ken's 64-bit build hint for more 
tips and things to look for.

Since I've a running 32 bit system here now, I'll be building everything into 
an empty partition for practice and to see how my build philosophy works 
through a KDE desktop, but keeping 32 bit grub as usual, just point it to the 
new 64 bit kernel and root file system.

I hope to build a pure 64-bit lib system, then add lib32 as needed, though 
most of the advanced tools I plan to use have 64-bit versions, the question 
is how to cope with the /libXX differences. As I said, I want a /lib&/lib32 
based system, but most people are still using a /lib&/lib64 layout. I am 
hoping that I can just manually move their /lib to /lib32 and their /lib64 
to /lib and everything will find what it needs thank to the magic of the lib 

I'll let everyone know how I get on with this effort.


	John Gay

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