LiveCD w/SquashFS: bio too big device loop0?

Michael J. Hammel lfs-livecd at
Sat Jan 28 20:45:05 PST 2006

I'm having a little problem.  I used SquashFS for most of my CD, just
like the LFS LiveCD.  But when I try to access it with losetup (under
BusyBox 1.1.0 w/2.6.14 in a initramfs using the same init script from
the LFS LiveCD) I get this:

bio too big device loop0 (2>0)

I did some googling and found that BusyBox 1.1.0 may not work with
losetup correctly.  I'm going to try BusyBox 1.0 to verify if that's the

I have the loop device compiled into the kernel along with squashfs.   

Anyone seen this before when creating a LiveCD of any kind?  Any idea
what it really means?  It almost sounds like my squashfs file is too
large, but I don't think that's the problem (it's about 200MB).  It's
something related to accessing the loop device with losetup.  I just
don't know what yet.
Michael J. Hammel <lfs-livecd at>

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