RFC: location of source packages on livecd - discuss

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 08:32:08 PST 2006


I'm aware this has come up before, but I'd appriciate opening up the 
dicussions again.

I would like to request that the location of the source packages for the 
building of LFS be included in a different location than /sources

I'd like to recommend /usr/local/src - however this is just a suggestion.

the reason I request this, is because of support issues within LFS

if a user is following the book by creating /mnt/lfs/sources
then ln -s /mnt/lfs/source /sources - he of course gets an error

If a user interprets the book to mean build in /sources, then again it 
won't work due to the read only file system.

I appreciate %150 that a.) the user should have read the book and the 
notes on the liveCD and the book to understand this b.) not be foolish 
enough to work it out thats /sources in on the cd.

In my opinion we should take a harder line with this approach to 
building LFS, but - we can't so perhaps making it more base user 
friendly is an option.

Feedback appriciated.


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