Generic Kernel .configure

Justin Knierim lfs at
Tue Jan 24 09:33:19 PST 2006

jac14 at wrote:

> I have a need for creating a generic kernel to load on a variety of PC 
> clone machines, and lack the expertise and time to develop a kernel 
> block for this purpose. The kernel used in the LFS-CD (6.1.1-3) has 
> proven to both boot and recognize all the varied hardware of the 
> systems I am supporting. Is there a simple way to either include this 
> kernel and all the extras in my LFS build, or to provide the 
> .configure file for the build so I can do a make and install it 
> myself. (Please no RTFM responses).

The kernel .config you can get from the LiveCD (boot, then get it from I 
believe /proc/config.gz) or from the svn repo:*checkout*/tags/6.1.1-3/packages/linux/config?rev=1303&root=livecd


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