Generic Kernel .configure

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Jan 24 09:12:52 PST 2006

jac14 at wrote:
> I hope this is the correct forum to post this question,
> I have a need for creating a generic kernel to load on a variety of PC 
> clone machines, and lack the expertise and time to develop a kernel 
> block for this purpose. The kernel used in the LFS-CD (6.1.1-3) has 
> proven to both boot and recognize all the varied hardware of the systems 
> I am supporting. Is there a simple way to either include this kernel and 
> all the extras in my LFS build, or to provide the .configure file for 
> the build so I can do a make and install it myself. (Please no RTFM 
> responses).

I'm glad our CD works well for you. The following should help (although 
since it's off the top of my head, you may need to adapt a detail or two 
to your circumstances.)

When you get to the point in the LFS instructions where you compile your 
kernel (assuming you're using the same version recommended in the book):

1) Drop this file into the unpacked kernel source directory and rename 
it as '.config'*checkout*/tags/6.1.1-3/packages/linux/config?rev=1303&root=livecd

2) Assuming you don't need squahsfs, unionfs or resier4 support on your 
machines run 'make oldconfig'. This will re-adjust the .config file to 
not include those items. If you do need any of those, you will need to 
patch the kernel first. Let me know if you need that, because adding 
support for unionfs and reiser4 isn't a simple thing.

3) Run 'make'

4) Run 'make modules_install' and begin following the LFS book again 
from that point.

Please let me know if this helps.


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