Running Package Makefiles Outside of Main Makefile

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun Jan 22 19:38:21 PST 2006

Dan McGhee wrote:
> I have two questions.
> First, it is my understanding that installing 
> 'makedepend-X11R7.0-1.0.0' had to precede the installation of 
> libMESA.  The symlink and package are in their respective directories, 
> but I cannot find in the makefiles where this package is installed.  
> Tips?
We invalidate this dependency by adding MKDEP="gcc -M" 
MKDEP_OPTIONS="-MF depend" to the "make linux-dri-x86" Mesa line, and 
don't install makedepend at all.
> Second question--acutally two.
> It looks like I can run the Xorg-modular makefile outside of the main 
> makefile if I point to /scripts/functions.  Is this correct?
It's best to check out the whole trunk into the /lfs-livecd directory 
(so that the /lfs-livecd/Makefile is the main Makefile). Then, to build 
a single package: make ch-[package-name], e.g. make ch-Terminal. But 
this is not recommended for the modular Xorg, since it contains a lot of 
LiveCD-specific customizations (such as removal of bitmap fonts in order 
to save space, i.e. Motif and GTK1 will not work in this setup) and will 
never match instructions in the book.

If you want a standalone Makefile that builds the modular Xorg, please 
contact Alan Lord, he says that he adapted the Makefile for standalone 
use and removed LiveCD specific things.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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