Running Package Makefiles Outside of Main Makefile

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Sat Jan 21 18:33:56 PST 2006

This may be a question more for BLFS-support, but since it has to do 
with the livecd makefiles, I thought I'd post here with the assumption 
that those who are more familiar with those makefiles "hang out" on this 

I built LiveCD-6.2-pre3 and used it to install LFS-SVN.  I'm now 
continuing on with the BLFS build.  Since I already had most of the BLFS 
sources I want from the livecd build, I thought I would try to use the 
makefiles to build Xorg-7.0.  Additionally, I'm trying to help with the 
development of BLFS for building Xorg-7.0.

I have two questions.

First, it is my understanding that installing 'makedepend-X11R7.0-1.0.0' 
had to precede the installation of libMESA.  The symlink and package are 
in their respective directories, but I cannot find in the makefiles 
where this package is installed.  Tips?

Second question--acutally two.

It looks like I can run the Xorg-modular makefile outside of the main 
makefile if I point to /scripts/functions.  Is this correct?

I want to just see if I can build--not install yet--this package.  So if 
I edit the make file with the following steps will it build in my 
/tmp/xorg-build directory?  I also do not need to download or check sums.

1. mkdir /tmp/xorg-build
2. cp Xorg-modular/makefile /tmp/xorg-build
3. add a line ROOT=/xorg-build
4.  comment the 'download' target
5.  comment the 'symlinks' target
6.  comment the  "Y-%: SHA1SUMS target
7.  comment all 'make install' lines
8.  insure that I'm in /tmp/xorg build
9.  make

I think that I'll also comment the MESA target and when I get ready to 
build install that without the scripting.

Pointers?  Complaints?  Start over,dummy?



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