Brand New LFS from LiveCD-pre3

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Fri Jan 20 16:38:58 PST 2006

Just booted into my shiny new LFS system on which I used LiveCD-pre3 as 
the host.  I had used 6.1.1-02(or 3 I don't remember) for my laptop last 
month.  I decided to go completely SVN this time because of the 
gcc-4.0.2 stuff.

Thanks again for the LiveCD.  I had no problems with building either the 
cd or LFS--which I did manually--except for the ones I generated 
myself.  I have two minor comments about the pre3 cd.

Neither the 'groff_1.18.1-10.diff.gz' nor 'kbd-1.12-backspace-1.patch' 
files were in the lfs-sources directory.  I checked my sandbox and they 
weren't there either.  The link to the groff patch in Chapter 3.3 did 
not exist, as described in the warning, and I had to go to one of the 
mirrors to download it.  Admittedly, these are not even minor annoyances 
for me, but I thought I'd mention it if there are any "It needs to be 
complete" folks working on the project.

Once again, thanks for this product.

This is OT for this post, but I thought I'd add it.  I waded through a 
lot of stuff in the blfs-devel archives about building Xorg-7.0 and the 
direction of BLFS.  As stated by a couple of people, the {,B}LFS 
experience is designed to be a learning one.  Let me add LiveCD to the 
list of learning experiences.  It's not just, although it can be, a way 
of taking a nap while one builds LFS.

I've wanted to "beef up" my scripting skills for awhile AND Makefiles 
were important to me only to make the "more_control_package_user" system 
work.  In hacking the LiveCD I learned quite a bit more about scripting 
and Makefiles and will continue to research in order to accomplish an 
idea I hatched  while I watched the LiveCD build itself on my PC.

I really really enjoyed building LFS this time.  Just wanted to mention 
about the patches.


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