fr_FR.UTF-8: No such file or directory

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Tue Jan 17 16:54:18 PST 2006

Decided to post this on this list since I'd seen traffic about UTF-8 
here and not on the other lists.

I'm building LFS-SVN using LiveCD-6.2-pre3.  In Chapter 6.11 finished 
installing glibc-2.3.6 with no problems--test suite, everything OK.  
When I got to the install locales part, I copied and pasted the commands 
into a script and ran it as root.  Got the following message:

Cannot open locale definition file 'fr_FR.UTF-8': No such file or directory

The offending command from the list in Chapter 6.11 was:

localedef -i fr_FR.UTF-8 -f UTF-8 fr_FR

I ran it manually with the same results.  I inspected the files in 
localedata in the glibc build directory and the fr_FR.UTF-8 info was 
indeed not there.  In fact the only UTF-8 info in that directory was 

I did a quick and cursory google and search of the hints and archives 
and came up with nothing--it was a very brief search.

Not having this locale is not a problem for me since I don't need 
it--unless it's going to cause something else to fail.

As another data point, I set LANG=en_US.ISO-8859-1 and KEYMAP=us when I 
booted the LiveCd.  I know nothing about locales and hope that in this 
shotgun blast of info there is something useful.

I don't think that this affects the rest of my build so I am proceeding.


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