Connecting to Network after Booting LiveCD

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Mon Jan 16 13:40:50 PST 2006

Dan McGhee wrote:

> When setting up to connect after booting the livecd, I followed the 
> instructions in the SVN version of "the Book," Chapter 7.12.1, which, 
> as a summary, creates the directory and file

I can't explain the difference in the two.  Maybe it has something to do 
with LiveCD assuming an ipv4 network and so the directory isn't made but 
only the file ifconfig.<device>.  If someone requires something 
different than ipv4 than they should have the knowledge to set it up 

For next time, if it is a non-wireless network you are setting up, next 
time just run:


And follow the prompts.  I still need to expand the script to cover 
basic wlan setup, that is why I said non-wireless.


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