Customizing the LiveCD

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Mon Jan 16 10:18:16 PST 2006

I built lfs-livecd-6.2-pre3 using just 'make.'  Since this was the first 
time for me, I wanted to see the build before I started trying anything 
fancy.  Now I want to customize it.  I see two ways to do it:  1) by 
adding another session to the livecd itself as described in the 
/root/README, and 2) by changing files in the tree for the livecd itself 
.  However, I'm unclear how to proceed in either case.

Let me ask about the simpler one first:

The directions in the README say:

> * Prepare a directory with the files you want to add, delete or change:
>     mkdir second-session && cd second-session
>     vim path/to/new-file
>     vim path/to/file-to-be-changed
>     touch path/to/.wh.file-to-be-deleted
>     cd ..

This process is not clear to me.  Maybe I'm being obtuse, but if I run
'vim path/to/new-file'  I'm going to open, in vim, the file that I want 
to place on the CD.  For example, if I want to add ifconfig.eth0 to 
/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ on the CD, I don't see what running 'vim 
/etc/sysconfig/network-devices' will do besides opening that file in 
vim.   I understand about creating the "second-session" directory and 
how to use mkisofs.  I know that I need to put the file in this 
directory to use mkisofs, but I guess I don't understand how to get the 
second session to point to the correct place in the main iso.  (I hope I 
asked this question clearly.)

The second method may be a little more straight forward to me, but I 
just don't know how far to "back up" in creating the livecd image.  This 
is what I think I have to do:

1.  put my files in the correct directories in $(MP)--/mnt/lfs for me
2.  back-up the original livecd-x86-6.2-pre3.iso to someplace where I 
won't screw it up
3.  delete livecd-x86-6.2-pre3.iso from the livecd directory
4.  delete $(MP)/iso/
5.  make iso
6.  burn iso
7.  boot it up

If I have read the main Makefile and sqfs.log correctly, this should 
regenerate the whole filesystem and image.

Is my logic correct?  I will appreciate clarification on either 
method--or both.



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