Connecting to Network after Booting LiveCD

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Mon Jan 16 09:27:17 PST 2006

I'm getting ready to build LFS using LiveCD-6.2-pre3.  I want to 
customize the livecd to connect to the internet, but that's a subject 
for a different post.

When setting up to connect after booting the livecd, I followed the 
instructions in the SVN version of "the Book," Chapter 7.12.1, which, as 
a summary, creates the directory and file


I have a static ip so I created ipv4-static.  However, when I ran

'/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart'

I received the error message "ifconfig.eth0 is a directory."

I looked at the ifup scripts for both the livecd and the {,B}LFS system 
on my pc and they BOTH contain the sequence:

> # Collect a list of configuration files for our interface
> if [ -n "${2}" ]; then
>     for file in ${@#$1} # All parameters except $1
>   do
>         FILES="${FILES} ${network_devices}/ifconfig.${1}/${file}"
>     done
> elif [ -d "${network_devices}/ifconfig.${1}" ]; then
>     FILES=`echo ${network_devices}/ifconfig.${1}/*`
> else
>     FILES="${network_devices}/ifconfig.${1}"
> fi

I'm fairly weak on positional variables especially the @#$1.  But I 
think this sequence looks for ifconfig.eth0 as either a file or directory.

As soon as I removed the ifconfig.eth0 directory and copied the 
ipv4-static file to

/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/ifconfig.eth0 (note that it's a file now)

I could restart the network and connect to the internet from the 
livecd.  Since the system on my PC is setup as desribed in the LFS book 
Chapter 12 and works, I don't understand the difference between the two 
setups.  Since I don't have any other services besides the internet for 
my PC, I don't know if this is the difference or not.  I would 
appreciate an explanation if anyone is willing.



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