Beyond LiveCD

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Sun Jan 15 05:06:37 PST 2006

If I hadn't built LFS before, I would swear that making a LiveCD was 
pure magic.  'make' and a few hours later you have an iso image.  Wow!  
I want to thank and congratulate those who spen{d,t} so much time and 
effort to this project.  It's a great tool.!!!

I have a question about proceeding with a build from LiveCD.  I'm going 
to build LFS on the same machine I used to build the CD.  Therefore, I 
think I can use the /tools directory generated by the LiveCd makefile.  
Is this correct?

The only situation I see is that the binutils source and build 
directories aren't around for adjusting the tool chain in Chapter 6.  
But even if binutils links against the libraries in /tools, I don't 
think it should be a problem since they are the same libraries I would 
be using if I built /tools myself.

Are my analysis and logic sound?



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