Cruft on the LiveCD

Alexander E. Patrakov alexander at
Sun Jan 8 21:16:30 PST 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

>We should start by compiling a list of
>what non-LFS packages such a CD would have. Here's a brief start:
>jhalfs :D
>libxml2, libxslt (everything needed to render the LFS book)
>all the fsprogs we have currently
The minimal-blfs target in the dm branch has:

minimal-blfs: ch-openssl ch-wget ch-reiserfsprogs ch-xfsprogs \
        ch-lynx ch-libxml2 ch-expat ch-subversion ch-lfs-bootscripts \
        ch-curl ch-zip ch-unzip ch-docbook-xml ch-libxslt ch-docbook-xsl \
        ch-html_tidy ch-LFS-BOOK ch-openssh \
        ch-dhcpcd ch-cpio ch-eject ch-nALFS ch-dialog ch-device-mapper \
        ch-linux ch-cdrtools ch-zisofs-tools ch-initramfs \
        ch-syslinux ch-nALFS-profile ch-blfs-bootscripts

While device-mapper and zisofs-tools are dm-specific, the rest is a 
minimum that is needed for proper startup, shutdown and book rendering, 
and should be present for all architectures. ssh and jhalfs are good 

BTW, I propose to include this target in the Makefile in trunk in order 
to simplify further experiments.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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