Cruft on the LiveCD

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Sun Jan 8 20:45:09 PST 2006

Steve Prior wrote:

> Slightly stupid question here, but what exactly is the concern over the
> CD size - it doesn't seem to be approaching the physical size of a CD yet.

With regards to the LiveCD, we want to have it functional but try to 
keep the CD images as small as we can make to allow the functionality.  
In regard to having Mozilla instead of Firefox/Thunderbird, Mozilla has 
more apps in it (chatzilla and a few others i can't think of off the top 
of my head) and has a smaller size.  So IMO, a good swap.

> If it is simply download size for people with slow connections, then 
> you first have to ask yourself how small you'd have to shrink the CD 
> to make it feasable for those folks.  The only other reason I see 
> would be server bandwidth to distribute it in which case incremental 
> changes do in fact help.

I haven't heard any complaints from the mirrors about bandwidth, so that 
is still fine.  For people with slow connections, well, what can we say, 
find a friend with a high speed connection or ask someone to download, 
burn and mail ya a CD.  We won't be able to shrink the CD size 
drastically, since 146MB are used by source packages that won't compress 
much more (163MB now with the SVN LFS version).  So basically,  within 
reason we try to optimize.  :)


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