Cruft on the LiveCD

Steve Prior sprior at
Sun Jan 8 20:23:56 PST 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> My thoughts are pretty much 1:1 with Justin's. What were the reasons
> people in #lfs-support preferred Firefox+Thunderbird over Mozilla? I'd
> be inclined to go with Mozilla if it helped us drop size a bit.

Slightly stupid question here, but what exactly is the concern over the
CD size - it doesn't seem to be approaching the physical size of a CD 
yet.  If it is simply download size for people with slow connections, 
then you first have to ask yourself how small you'd have to shrink the
CD to make it feasable for those folks.  If we're currently at 400M and
it won't do them any good until you're below 100M, then reducing it to
300M doesn't actually accomplish anything.  The only other reason I see
would be server bandwidth to distribute it in which case incremental
changes do in fact help.

I'm all for lack of bloat, I just want to know what the exact motivation
is here.


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