pest command and compile errors

Jason Fenter fenterbug at
Sun Jan 8 19:19:35 PST 2006

I downloaded the LiveCD version 6.1.1 and have been
trying to build my system. I'm actually a Windows XP
user but I'm computer-literate enough to figure out
most of what I'm doing. But I'm still at the beginning
of chapter 5, attempting to compile binutils for the
first time. I untarred it, patched it, but when I run
the "configure" command, it only goes part-way before
looping on the error: ".config.status: line 240: pest:
command not found". And it loops on this error until I
break. Google tells me nothing on this error, and the
irc channel suggested I write them email.

Any appreciation would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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