xlockmore vs xscreensaver vs nothing

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Sun Jan 8 10:19:00 PST 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> 1) xlockmore works with some warnings if root has a password and 
> doesn't work otherwise

Well, I guess that is better than nothing.  If a user really needs to 
lock his screen to keep others out, he needs to set a password anyways.

> 2) the bug about a non-functional "lock" button is not really fixed

Shouldn't matter if we just hide the "lock" button as in number 4, right?

> 3) xscreensaver is not much better without spending some time and 
> removing the offending individual screensavers

Yuck.  Not worth the time IMO.  Unless there is just one "blank screen" 
screensaver that is password-able that we can install and call it good...

> 4) it is possible to hide the "lock" button in the cleanup-panel.pl 
> script while compiling XFCE, that's what I will do if there are no 
> objections or alternative suggestions

Sounds good.

> 5) suggestions to put bitmap fonts back won't be accepted: ugly in 
> UTF-8 locales (Xorg bug).

Yeah, don't want to put that back in.

Thanks for the info Alexander.


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