Cruft on the LiveCD

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Sun Jan 8 10:04:37 PST 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> yesterday on IRC Jeremy Huntwork expressed is concerns about the CD 
> size. Indeed, the 6.2-pre2 CD is 454 MB in size. The following will 
> help reducing the CD size:

Yeah, I am also a bit concerned about that, but in able to support and 
have documentation for many languages, it is inevitable.

> 1) Removal of all bitmap fonts and replacing of Arphic fonts with 
> FireFly: already done together with the X11R7 transition.
> This results in a 439 MB CD. I expected better results, but we added 
> many new video drivers.

Sounds good.  Still an improvement.

> 2) Removal of server components of SAMBA: already done, although they 
> proved to be useful for me personally when I used this CD for 
> retrieving data from a crashed Windows 2000 Server installation.
> This results in a 425 MB CD.

It was useful for you because you needed to run a temporary samba 
server?  Or for other reasons?  I do use the CD to mount a smb volume 
sometimes, and I think that functionality should stay.  Not sure about 
having the samba server also.

> 3) Dropping DRI/OpenGL/xvideo support. I don't want to drop it now, 
> because if we do a pre-release the LiveCD soon, it would highlight the 
> problems that the BLFS book will see (via xlockmore/xscreensaver). I 
> do think that such binary-only releases generate more useful bug 
> reports because people who can easily circumvent their problem by 
> silently deviating from the book instructions no longer have this 
> chance with binary-only releases. Also, this currently serves as a 
> X11R7 hint to BLFS book developers.
> Of course, this eye candy will be removed before the final release, 
> and this will subtract at least 11 MB from the CD size.

Not sure about all this stuff.  Will have to get more familiar with Xorg 
7 anyways.

> 4) Dropping Composite, Damage and Fixes support: the Fixes extension 
> is used by default by GTK+ as installed on the CD. Composite could be 
> used by XFCE if we pass the --enable-compositor option to xfwm. 
> Estimated space savings are below 1 MB.

If it has a useful function, might as well keep it.  1MB isn't going to 
break me.  ;)

> 5) Dropping static libraries in /usr/lib, except for libc*.a: total 30 
> MB, that gives approximately 10 MB of the CD size.

If they aren't needed and LFS builds as expected from it, might as well.

> 6) Dropping support for Asian languages: huge font files, and the 
> whole family of SCIM packages. This is going to drop 80 MB off the CD 
> size, but I think we have some users there, and previous releases of 
> the CD included the (now obsolete) zhcon package. Anyway, libchewing 
> and scim-chewing packages are optional, and scim-input-pad is even 
> less needed (to use it, right click the keyboard icon in the upper 
> right corner. It allows easy input of strange characters like math 
> operators, currency symbols, dingbats and so on). 

Yeah, I know this adds a lot of packages and big files, but it is 
worthwhile to inclcude it.  So my opinion is to keep it.


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