Cruft on the LiveCD

Alexander E. Patrakov alexander at
Sun Jan 8 03:19:45 PST 2006


yesterday on IRC Jeremy Huntwork expressed is concerns about the CD 
size. Indeed, the 6.2-pre2 CD is 454 MB in size. The following will help 
reducing the CD size:

1) Removal of all bitmap fonts and replacing of Arphic fonts with 
FireFly: already done together with the X11R7 transition.

This results in a 439 MB CD. I expected better results, but we added 
many new video drivers.

2) Removal of server components of SAMBA: already done, although they 
proved to be useful for me personally when I used this CD for retrieving 
data from a crashed Windows 2000 Server installation.

This results in a 425 MB CD.

3) Dropping DRI/OpenGL/xvideo support. I don't want to drop it now, 
because if we do a pre-release the LiveCD soon, it would highlight the 
problems that the BLFS book will see (via xlockmore/xscreensaver). I do 
think that such binary-only releases generate more useful bug reports 
because people who can easily circumvent their problem by silently 
deviating from the book instructions no longer have this chance with 
binary-only releases. Also, this currently serves as a X11R7 hint to 
BLFS book developers.

Of course, this eye candy will be removed before the final release, and 
this will subtract at least 11 MB from the CD size.

4) Dropping Composite, Damage and Fixes support: the Fixes extension is 
used by default by GTK+ as installed on the CD. Composite could be used 
by XFCE if we pass the --enable-compositor option to xfwm. Estimated 
space savings are below 1 MB.

5) Dropping static libraries in /usr/lib, except for libc*.a: total 30 
MB, that gives approximately 10 MB of the CD size.

6) Dropping support for Asian languages: huge font files, and the whole 
family of SCIM packages. This is going to drop 80 MB off the CD size, 
but I think we have some users there, and previous releases of the CD 
included the (now obsolete) zhcon package. Anyway, libchewing and 
scim-chewing packages are optional, and scim-input-pad is even less 
needed (to use it, right click the keyboard icon in the upper right 
corner. It allows easy input of strange characters like math operators, 
currency symbols, dingbats and so on).

Alexander E. Patrakov
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