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Christian Metzen met at
Wed Dec 27 06:39:06 PST 2006

Hi Alexander,

first, thanks for your answer.

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> It is definitely possible, however, I won't do this myself in the nearest
> future because my computer has only 512 MB of RAM. If you want to implement
> this, check out the buildscripts from SVN, and do (non-trivial)
> modifications to the following files:
> packages/initramfs/init.c
> scripts/shutdown-helper
I'm not that good in C, nay closer hints waht needs to be done for the 
initramfs? Treid to figure it out for the last days, but for now i'm 
only seeing trees.... shutdownhelper is not that important for now.
> The real problem is that you don't want to copy root.ext2 into RAM - it is
> 1.5 GB in size. You probably want to take the ISO image into a file, set up
> /dev/loop2, and use it instead of the CD.
Well my root.ext2 is smaller, i only needed 200MB space for a running 
lfs system with some programs in it. :-) Though, this shouldn't matter or?

If i mount the iso image in a loop device, the drive is locked again 
isn't it? Or am i understanding it wrong what you are trying to suggest.

Thanks for your help, hope i don't bother you too much with this.


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