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Christian Metzen met at
Thu Dec 21 10:12:10 PST 2006

Christian Metzen wrote:
> Hi there,
> I really like the way the new LiveCD now works with a compressed ext2 fs and
> the c based init file.
> What would be really interesting if someone has an idea how i can change the
> LiveCD so that there is the possibility to load the whole system into RAM so
> that one can unmount the CD and insert another one, for example for burning
> issues etc.pp.
> I'm planing to use this CD for various issues on a really great amount of
> computers, but having the cdrom drive accessable would be really needed.
> Any ideas about that?
> Regards,
> Chris
Well, this is just a thought, shouldn't it be possible to copy the 
root.ext2 file into a ramdisk and get it mounted from there?

My Image is not that big, only 100MB, so the size shouldn't matter.


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