Rally the Troops LFS/BLFS/CLFS/Livecd too

Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Sun Apr 30 01:29:16 PDT 2006

Hi all,

First of all, I have sent this mail to all lists, but I'd request that 
all responses happen on LFS-DEV to keep this thread (assuming it gets 
response) together and followable.

Reading through threads in general there appears to be a little 
seperation and difference of opinion on a few key topics that affect all 
project potentially.

I'm posting this thread to call out the topics I see underdiscussion 
(rightly or wrongly) and I ask that the response and hopefully 
discussion thread formed from this mail be limited to these topics, if 
this discussion brings up further topics lets make a note of them and 
but them to one side until we reach a reasonable conclusion on these 
topics, we can always start another thread to discuss them later.

I also ask that 1.) if you've got no idea whats been discussed in these 
mails - don't comment, we don't need a "can I have wirless tools" style 
post 2.) for the purpose of reaching an end result and consensus we drop 
any "well steve doesn't do anything anyway ;o) " style comments, lets 
try to contain this discussion to just that, discussion 3.) Guilty as I 
am off this a lot of the time - lets trim our reponses to make the 
discussion easy to follow.

Now I've laid down my request lets look at the topics, that in my mind 
are unclear and up for dicussion.

1.) Kernel Headers, yes you knew this was coming but its certainly worth 
talking about, a lots been said on this but its really still unclear of 
direction. I suppose the discussion should center around
a.) Do we stick with LLH and pray it takes off again
b.) work with Jim's methods of sanitizing our own headers
c.) Look at what other distros are doing and try to work with them
d.) A N other option

2.) Udev -  This again has been a hot topic of many projects, but with 
LFS now dropping hotplug I feel it important ti discuss and clear up a 
few areas
a.) Udev rules - how complete/incomplete should they be
b.) which project cover which rules eg; lfs base only, blfs additional, 
clfs base+additional archs devices ? that sort of thing
c.) what are the livecd doing with udev - removing hotplug ? what rules 
are they using ? etc
d.) Should we all use the same rules lfs/livecd/cross-lfs/hlfs even ?
e.) other topics aound udev

3.)  users and group creation, I'm reluctant to touch on this again as I 
know its close to a few individuals hearts and a lot of time has been 
put into this, but due to the ude discussion I think its worth at least 
touching upon.
a.) do we define uuid/gid for users in LFS - I don't think this is an 
option and has to be done
b.) how does blfs address this, does it specify uid/gid per user, does 
it speficy users and let the user map the uid/gid - does it do nothing 
and just you need an "X" user with X permissions
c.) how do the uid's/gid's tie in with udev rules ? for all projects
d.) do all projects use a unifrorm set of uid/gids and if so -how to we 
acomplish this?
e.) other uid/gid points

On a final note, I know this has been said to individuals before, and I 
preach a lot about it, but I'm hoping that with this discussion there is 
a real potential to bring all the projects closer together and more 
"agreed" on the direction the overall project is taking, even if 
projects go their own ways on things, at least it will be understood 
that X is doing it different because of X + Y and perhaps we can start 
sharing across-project information better and work as a bigger group better.

Apologies if this mail seems to spell out the obvious, but I'd really 
like to say it public and try to get a consensus where everyone working 
say "yes, I understand this is what we are all doing - even if I don't 



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