Obtaining a liveCD?

Barrie Stott G.B.Stott at bolton.ac.uk
Thu Apr 20 14:48:15 PDT 2006

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Did you look at our website? Theres a whole section about the LiveCD and 
> a link as to where to download one. Or did you mean you would like a CD 
> shipped to you?

I looked all over the website but misunderstood what I read. I was
expecting information about how to get a CD shipped and interpreted
the bit in the lfs book that talks of `downloading a copy of the
liveCD' in that way. Now I can see that it was obviously talking about
`downloading an ISO image'. In fact that's the only way I can see it;
how can a physical CD be downloaded?

Matt Darcy also wrote, from the UK, and offered to burn and send me a
CD so I'll take up his offer, writing to him off list with relevant

I'm extremely grateful for the help so far.


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