Bringing trunk up-to-date

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Apr 20 14:03:35 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> The only major difference is non-alphabetical order (solved here, but I 
> want to review all Makefiles again before the commit). Another 
> showstopper is the old revision of the checked-out book (trivial to fix) 
> and old bootscripts (less trivial).

Sorry I didn't respond yet to this. Good work, Alexander. :) I'm glad to 
hear it's generally up-to-speed.

> Also, before the relase, I want to investigate the Debian bug report 
> about "blue screen of death" when running irssi in screen in VTE-based 
> Terminal (patch to VTE is available).

Sure, we should still have plenty of time yet.

> The following bugs exist, but are not regressions against 6.2-pre3:
> * Non-bootable PCMCIA devices
> * No support for booting from SCSI controllers that require firmware
> * Seamonkey profile reuse issue

And are you likely to add your device-mapper solution before release?

Lastly, if possible, could we list any and all outstanding issues into 
Trac now? It would be much easier to work from, IMO. That would include 
the above items you mentioned, plus any updated packages we find, 
especially if we don't have the time to update the CD when we notice a 
new release.


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