LiveCD without XFCE

Howard L. hlenderk at
Sat Apr 15 05:02:41 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> So far, the layout is:
> 6.1-3: works, kernel 2.6.11 compiled by gcc-3.4
> 6.1.1-1: doesn't work, kernel 2.6.12 compiled by gcc-3.4
> 6.1.1-x: doesn't work, kernel 2.6.11 compiled by gcc-3.4
> 6.1.1-4 with the kernel config from 6.1-3: doesn't work
> 6.1.1-4 with initramfs from 6.1-3: discussing in #livecd now
> As for the move away from unionfs and squashfs: there is no unionfs 
> for linux-2.6.16 except CVS snapshots. I am not going to test these 
> myself and watch the CVS commit list for bugfixes (I just expect this 
> to be too much work). I won't object if someone else does this, but I 
> will treat any kernel with unionfs as tainted until the release is made.
You didn't list anything about the 6.2 series of which I happen to be 
using the  "lfslivecd-x86-62-pre3"  successfully on my antique k6-2 
300mz 128mbram  PCMCIA  laptop.  Just curious.

BTW, I did get pcmcia working by building pcmcia-cs.
Now I only have to modprobe pcmcia, insmod serial_cs,  and copy only the 
files created by the serial-cs utility into place in the booted livecd 
system and then  `/etc/rc.d/init.d/pcmcia restart`, and there it is!  
Easy script.
Now I'm working on dialup files. Cant get auth.
- Howard

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