pcmcia modem support in livecd-x86-6.2-pre3

Howard hlenderk at bcpl.net
Wed Apr 12 06:28:01 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

>   The real problem then is that the serial_cs driver isn't on the CD. 
> Could you please boot the 6.2-pre3 CD and do the following commands to 
> compile this missing module, and tell whether they really work?
> ONLY if this doesn't help, I will add pcmciautils to the CD. 

Ah ... so there IS present a   serial_cs   available in sources to build 
into a module.  cool!
 I thought it may have to be provided by the pcmcia-cs utility  but 
maybe was not needed in the  >2.6.13  kernel.
You didn't say, are you still using 2.6.12  in   6.2-pre4 CD ?  or going 
to the 2.6.16.

I'll go try the test, back in a while with report, bear with me, I'm slow.
Thanks man....

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