Bug in binary /init

Justin Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Fri Sep 30 13:05:47 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Did anyone test it? It does appear to look correct.

I haven't tested it yet.  I thought I would make a few changes I have on 
my list and run a test build.  So I can let you kow sometime this weekend.

> I'm asking because on a recent CD I've tested, even though the file 
> permissions are correct (I double and triple checked that), when you 
> create an unprivleged 'lfs' user as per the case in the LFS book or 
> the LiveCD scripts, su as that user, and try to compile a program, the 
> compile will fail because the user gets 'Permission denied' errors 
> when trying to read items in /usr/include/linux/

I will look into this also.


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