Philipp Christian Ammann pca at
Mon Sep 26 12:27:56 PDT 2005

Matt Darcy wrote:
> [...] why should the live CD
> counter for your personal taste and by own admission lazyness.
i just thought there might be a small chance that there is someone out 
there, who has already done it...i'm not going to ask you, if you could 
do the work for me...i know how annoying doing work for someone else is. 
and i know, my lazyness is really a problem ;)

> Why not build the lilo process into the existing live cd and submit it to the 
> live cd team at the lfs project and see if they will include it for 
> others to benifit by your work.

As i said, if i have time, i'll do it and then, of course, i'll let you 


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