Matt Darcy lfs-lists at
Mon Sep 26 12:05:36 PDT 2005

Philipp Christian Ammann wrote:

> Matthew Burgess wrote:
>> I think the LFS-liveCD's main (perhaps only?) purpose is to be able 
>> to build the version of the LFS book it is numbered after (i.e. 
>> livecd-6.1-x is designed to be a suitable host for LFS-6.1).  As 
>> such, bin86 isn't required as GRUB is used as the bootloader in LFS-6.1.
> hmm...i think the older lfs-books used lilo. ok, i know it's called 
> livecd-6.1.
> i just thought, if someone is up to implement bin86, it would be much 
> more comfortable to wait a bit then to compile bin86 each time i need 
> it into the ramdisk and loose it if i have to reboot. and remastering 
> the livecd is a bit boring and i told you, i'm VERY lazy :-)
> anyway, thank you. maybe, if i haven't got anything else to, i'll 
> build an extended livecd. i'll tell you.
> thanks & regards
> philipp
As the majority of builds will be 6.1 or greater, there seems no point 
in gearing the livecd towards older none maintained versions of LFS. If 
your too lazy to either a.) install it onto your livecd system b.) build 
your own live CD from the hint on the website, why should the live CD 
counter for your personal taste and by own admission lazyness. Why not 
build the lilo process into the existing live cd and submit it to the 
live cd team at the lfs project and see if they will include it for 
others to benifit by your work.


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