Philipp Christian Ammann pca at
Mon Sep 26 11:03:47 PDT 2005

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> I think the LFS-liveCD's main (perhaps only?) purpose is to be able to 
> build the version of the LFS book it is numbered after (i.e. 
> livecd-6.1-x is designed to be a suitable host for LFS-6.1).  As such, 
> bin86 isn't required as GRUB is used as the bootloader in LFS-6.1.

hmm...i think the older lfs-books used lilo. ok, i know it's called 
i just thought, if someone is up to implement bin86, it would be much 
more comfortable to wait a bit then to compile bin86 each time i need it 
into the ramdisk and loose it if i have to reboot. and remastering the 
livecd is a bit boring and i told you, i'm VERY lazy :-)

anyway, thank you. maybe, if i haven't got anything else to, i'll build 
an extended livecd. i'll tell you.

thanks & regards

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