Re-organizing the repo

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun Sep 18 20:12:35 PDT 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hi Alexander, Thomas, Justin:
> As you've surely noticed, I've been slowly adding info to the main x86 
> branch for other archs. The idea would be to have one set of scripts 
> that builds for all - all a user must do is change the ARCH variable in 
> the main Makefile.
> So, I would like to now copy /x86/{trunk,branches,tags} to 
> /{trunk,branches,tags}. I'll wait until I hear from each of you to make 
> the change, but I would like to do it soon. After I copy them over, I'd 
> also like to hear when it is safe to remove the /x86 and /ppc directories.

Please do so. And you can remove the utf-8 related branches, for the 
following reasons:

The "utf8" branch is no longer buildable since the tarball with RedHat 
patches has been removed from its download location.

The "utf8-newmake" branch was never in good shape, and it's easier for 
me to start over (if start at all) after the gcc4 transition finishes.

Also currently I devote more time to practicing in writing kernel 
drivers (a framebuffer driver for my old S3 Trio 3D/2X is almost ready). 
This means -mm kernel, frequent reboots => no possibility to build LFS 
in parallel.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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