Can't boot G3

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat Sep 17 16:58:54 PDT 2005

Joseph M Dupre (AVAB Inc.) wrote:

> The Performa 6400 has an unformatted hard drive, and likewise will 
> not boot from the live CD.
> Both machines boot up with the Mac OS CD-Roms.

The ppc CDs are intended for what are considered 'new-world' macs. I'm 
sure the Performa is old-world and the G3 likely is too. Is the G3 a 
beige machine? If so, it's old-world.

The problem lies mostly in the boot-loader. Old-world and new-world macs 
use a different boot method, so they require different boot-loaders. The 
  ppc LiveCD uses yaboot as the bootloader which is geared towards 
new-world machines. You may need to find a different machine, or 
re-master the livecd with a different bootloader.


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