Can't boot G3

Joseph M Dupre (AVAB Inc.) dupre at
Sat Sep 17 16:48:03 PDT 2005

I was under the impression that lfslivecd-6.0-PPC-1.iso was supposed 
to run on any PowerPC platform, such as the Apple Performa 6400 or 
Apple Mac G3.

But I can't get either of these machine to boot from the Live CD.  
The G3 has OS 8.5.1 on it and boots fine.  I try to boot to the CD 
(by holding down the "c" key durring startup), but it just boots up 
normally.  The CD drive can read the live CD, as I can see the 

The Performa 6400 has an unformatted hard drive, and likewise will 
not boot from the live CD.

Both machines boot up with the Mac OS CD-Roms.

I burned the ISO image to disc on an x86 machine (using Nero), since 
I do not have any PPC machine capable of burning discs at this time.  
Is that the issue???  Nero does not allow me to change any burn 
properties when burning this .ISO.  It just tells me that it is a 
"Data Mode 1" image with a block size of 2048.

I've tried two burns from two different downloads, and still can't 
get either to boot.

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