compile problems with glibc

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Sep 12 20:21:01 PDT 2005

Dexter Stowers wrote:
> Hi,
>     I am new to using LiveCD 6.1 for Linux from scratch. I have gone
> through all the chapters and I have done everything that has been
> requested. I am a little confused with compiling glibc. I get an error
> message that the directory does not exists. I want to know are there
> somethings in using the LiveCD 6.1 that is not covered in the
> linuxfromscratch pdf?

No, building LFS using the LiveCD should not require anything unusual. 
Following the book verbatim should produce good results (and have for 
many). The only caveat I can think of is that you *must* mount a hard 
drive partition somewhere in the LiveCD's file hierarchy, usually 
/mnt/lfs. If you don't, and try to build LFS or unpack tarballs 
somewhere in the main tree, you'll run out of memory real quick.  Also, 
you should copy all the sources from /sources to the hard-drive, so 
they'll be available when you chroot.

> I have tried several times using the RHEL WS 4.0
> as the previous host system. /mnt/lfs is mounted. Do I install
> binutils, gcc and glibc as root or lfs? Thanks for your assistance in
> advance!

As they say in our IRC channels, fbbg! (Follow Book, Book Good!) The LFS 
book tells you when you need to change users and what users run what 
commands. Read Carefully. If you run into a problem or don't quite 
understand something, most often it's because you missed something 
important in the book.


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