state of x86_64 Live CD?

John Gay johngay at
Sat Sep 10 16:03:20 PDT 2005

Since I'll soon have a Dual Opteron to play with, I'm looking forward to 
building a 64 bit system on it.

I know that with a lot of work I can cross-compile from the regular LiveCD and 
go that route, but I also understand these will soon be a 64 bit version 

This would certainly simplify my building process, and give me a chance to 
test the CD and report what I find.

So, I guess what I'm asking is, is there some version of a 64bit LiveCD I can 
play with in about two weeks, and a good detailed document to explain LiveCD 
building from an LFS user of medium skills?

I know these are basic questions but I've only started digging around for info 
and a few quick links would help narrow down the search.


	John Gay

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