feature request: net-tools

Archaic archaic at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Sep 3 19:30:24 PDT 2005

After over a year since the removal of net-tools, I still think we have
done a disservice as coreutils and ifconfig are just too powerful, too
well-known, and standardized, and too deeply missed. :(

The problem at hand is a build I am trying to start using the livecd. It
is a scripted build that requires the ability to run hostname --fqdn. As
you may know, coreutil's puny hostname doesn't accept any options other
than --version and --help. So I try dnmdomainname. Well crap, that's a
part of net-tools, too.

Of course, even if you do add it, I'm still left wondering what the best
plan of attack is for me currently. I'll probably just install net-tools
(thanks squashfs!) as opposed to editing scripts for a one-time build.


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