Understanding 32/64 bit issues

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 28 08:51:16 PDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 10:43 -0400, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Great! So I'll work on getting you added to the proper group then.

> Just a couple of things to mention. First, I think when building the
> x86_64 CD, I think we should try to make it a native build and avoid any
> cross-lfs stuff, at least for now.
That's what I was thinking as well. 
> Also the main livecd scripts, x86/trunk, are undergoing some renovation.
> We're trying to optimize the scripts, make them a little more fluid,
> hopefully easier to understand and better employing the power of make,
> specifically its ability to pick up where it left off.
> So. You're welcome to start now on a x86_64 build, however it might be
> better to help us finish up the transition on x86/trunk and then we can
> make a x86_64 build based on the new scripts.
A question there would be, what still needs to be done on x86/trunk,
then I'll do what I can.
> To best learn the Makefiles, I suggest looking at the following:
> Makefile (in the root directory)
> scripts/functions
> packages/template/Makefile
From looking at the template package Makefile, I can assume that's the
new format for the Makefile's.

> Thanks again, and looking forward to working with you on the LiveCD team! :)
I'm looking foward to it too.
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