I like the LiveCD!

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jul 14 10:00:16 PDT 2005

>          X.org ran *perfectly* on the machine; despite it's odd resolution
> (1280x768 pixels.)
>          I think *everything* was found, eth0, eth1 (wireless), firewire,
> USB2.0, etc. I couldn't find anything that wasn't accounted for, even if I
> don't use it!

Excellent. :)

>          Where'd ifconfig go??? :-(   -- I'm an old fuddyduddy and this
> newfangled ip command really confused me no end! I finally fudged around
> with the bootscripts enough to figure out how to set up my networking...
> but...

Well, LFS switched to iproute, so thus the LiveCD did too. IIRC, it's
because the previous tools were no longer being actively maintained.

>          Whilst diddling with said networking bootscripts & config files,
> unionfs barfed & lost the /etc/sysconfig directory. Rebooting (obviously)
> fixed it, and it only happened once so far.

Not sure about this one.  Keep us posted with updates, please.

>          I didn't have a chance to check, but is the kernel compiled with
> SMP enabled? That way I could use it on my dual Athlon system and really
> get some good compiles going...


>          I skimmed over the note about how to customize the CD, and will
> burning a 2nd session with a newer version of a file
> *overwrite/disable/ignore* the original file if it already exists on the
> CD?

I believe so, yes.  This one is Alexander's. :)

> Anyway, just thought I'd let people know how it worked for me -- overall
> I'm *highly* impressed with how the system works!

Good to hear! Thanks very much for the feedback. It always helps to hear
comments on it.


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