Building LFS from Live CD Hint - Request for Comments

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Aug 30 15:43:03 PDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 01:57:54AM +0530, Ashwin Sawant wrote:
> Well, I'm a newbie trying to build LFS using the LiveCD. I have been unable 
> to get my LCD monitor working in X. So it's very difficult (and error prone) 
> to switch between consoles and type in unfamiliar commands (those sed 
> commands are a great pain). A concise hint like that one will be very useful 
> for people like me.

I assume you are using the LFS LiveCD since you posted to this list. In
that case, when using multiple consoles (one to enter commands and one
to read the book using lynx or links) then you still should be able to
copy and paste. The LFS LiveCD automatically starts gpm, the console
mouse, so you should see a cursor move when you move the mouse.

In Lynx, highlight the text you want to copy with the mouse. Then switch
to your working console and paste the text by pressing the middle mouse
button. (If you don't have one, both the left and right mouse button
together should work.)

The same process applies to links, except that you have to hold down the
'Shift' key while highlighting. HTH.


> Fortunately, I found this hint - I guess I should have skimmed through the 
> list archives before starting.. I'll start afresh tomorrow - using scripts, 
> etc. instead of line-by-line copying.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. 
> This will be useful to a lot of people - I'll soon post my experience.

No offense meant, but I'd strongly suggest building LFS manually for the
first time. Also, if you think you didn't learn anything from your
recent attempt, then it's likely that you'll learn 10 times less by
using someone elses scripts. If you want a scripted source build just
for the sake of having a system built from source, perhaps Gentoo is a
better bet for you.


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