Building LFS from Live CD Hint - Request for Comments

Ashwin Sawant ashwinsawant at
Tue Aug 30 13:27:54 PDT 2005

Well, I'm a newbie trying to build LFS using the LiveCD. I have been unable 
to get my LCD monitor working in X. So it's very difficult (and error prone) 
to switch between consoles and type in unfamiliar commands (those sed 
commands are a great pain). A concise hint like that one will be very useful 
for people like me.
I actually remained glued to the computer even though my mind wasn't 
working, copying commands character-by-character with my fingers pressing 
the wrong keys. I was getting frustrated and understood nothing - only the 
fear of messing up something if I turned off the computer kept me from 
taking a break. Finally, I gave up and rebooted into windows to search for 
any hints on the net (too tired to try to set up internet in the livecd 
environment and I don't like Lynx).
Fortunately, I found this hint - I guess I should have skimmed through the 
list archives before starting.. I'll start afresh tomorrow - using scripts, 
etc. instead of line-by-line copying.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.. 
This will be useful to a lot of people - I'll soon post my experience.

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