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Matt Darcy lfs-list at projecthugo.co.uk
Sat Aug 27 01:20:40 PDT 2005

Put this checkout script under /usr/src

> It is necessary that you create a symlink called linux to point to the 
> linux- directory.  This is because the checkout script really 
> has no way of checking which version of the kernel that you are 
> patching.  ln -s linux- linux  will do it.

Hi Robby,

Very nice that your tried to script this functionality. I think I'd like 
to see the script more clever, so that your not prompted for a password 
and it logs in and does all the word, and perhaps actually force it to 
work out what kernel your patching. The comment you've suggested about 
creating a symlink to "linux" in the /usr/src directory is actually 
activly discourgaged by the kernel development team, hence why I'd like 
to see the script work out what script your patching.

Lastly, I think I may have missed the point, but what is the point of 
using this script along side the live cd ?


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