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ace ace at freedomchat.org
Fri Aug 26 21:02:46 PDT 2005


I have included a file called checkout, which is the script that will 
automatically download (from CVS) and patch a kernel source tree.

Put this checkout script under /usr/src
Extract a clean source tree into /usr/src (in my case, I have 
It is necessary that you create a symlink called linux to point to 
the linux- directory.  This is because the checkout script 
really has no way of checking which version of the kernel that you 
are patching.  ln -s linux- linux  will do it.
Run the checkout script (first making it executable with chmod +755 
checkout).  At the first prompt for anonymous login, just press enter 
and, when prompted for the password, it is the single word please
The files will be downloaded and patched into the kernel.  As the 
server is on a home high-speed, it may be a little slow.  After the 
files are received, they will be installed to 
/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/speakup and patched to the kernel 
source.  If there are any failures nothing will work.  After this, 
you can go ahead and configure and compile the kernel as usual.
Please let me know if you require any more information or assistance.

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