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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Aug 25 13:43:00 PDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 04:37:20PM -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
> I'm guessing it's just a typo, but shouldn't the filename be:
> lfslivecd-x86-6.3-pre1.iso
>                 ^

No. The filename is correct. This is how versioning goes:

lfslivecd-[arch]-[LFS Version]-[CD Version].iso

arch should be self-explanatory. LFS Version is the version of the LFS
book that the CD is based on and is set up to build (the sources for that
book and the HTML version of it are included on the CD). CD Version is the
version of the CD, pre1 or pre2 specifying a pre-release or a single
number representing an actual release.

> Also, is the 6.2-pre1.test the same iso? It's newer than the one I 
> downloaded earlier...

Yes, I made another test iso with a few slight modifications to the kernel
config. That one is still broken, too.


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