Possible to include a tarball on LFS6.1-3?

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Aug 11 07:53:16 PDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 10:41:07AM -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
> That would be tedious -- is there a way of running 'make' without it 
> deleting the source once it's done compiling it? I could run it once here 
> at work, then tarball up the structure and take it home, that would be OK, 
> too.

Yes, it doesn't delete the downloaded packages unless you run make
clean-sources or something like that. Can't recall the command off-hand.
The script just doesn't include all the downloaded sources in the actual iso.
> Issuing a 'make snag' command or somesuch to download but not compile it 
> would be handy... I started going eyeballing the makefiles and they don't 
> look all too difficult -- if I can figure out how to set it up, I would be 
> *happy* to modify all the makefiles to add this feature.

Cool. ;)
> If I'm not mistaken, the makefiles already check to see if the package 
> already exists, and if it does, it doesn't download it... so a download 
> only option should integrate pretty easily into the makefiles now.

Well, any *new* features that we want to be included in future build
scripts should probably go to the Makefiles in trunk, which, as you may
have noticed, are substantially different. They use new and improved
(hopefully!) functions. Feel free, however to make whatever changes you
think will work to the 6.1-2 scripts and, if you get it to work, we can
look at porting that functinality over to the new scripts.

> Yea, that it would be. Let me know about my idea, and if you want me to get 
> started on that. ;-)

Go for it. New ideas are always welcome. As I said, try to get it working
for the 6.1-2 scripts and then we'll see how best to snap that into trunk.


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