Possible to include a tarball on LFS6.1-3?

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Wed Aug 10 10:28:04 PDT 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Diff I can do, I might be able to do what you asked in the next few 
> days...

Sounds good.  :)  If you can get that in, I will build a 6.1-3 if 
everyone else is busy.

> 1) livecd/x86/trunk isn't everything needed to actually *make* a 
> LiveCD. Do I need to checkout the livecd/x86/branches *first*, then 
> grab the livecd/x86/trunk?

Unfortunately no.  There are many blfs packages, libraries, the xfce 
system, etc that are all not on the livecd.  You should only need to 
check out the branch, and it should automatically download the 
packages.  BTW, trunk's Makefiles were recently converted to a new 
format, so there is no guarantee that it will build right/no syntax 
errors.  They are probably all in the files I converted.  ;)

> Please update your host kernel to version

For trunk, yeah, it was recently upgraded to this.  For the 6.1 branch, 
it should work though.

> If I could get the build process functioning, I'd be happy to build 
> the .iso once everything's finalized...

That would work also.  Let me know if you have any other problems.


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