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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Apr 21 06:15:02 PDT 2005

subs at wrote:
> Hi,  First of all, I would to thank everyone involved in making this
> livecd.  I used it to build the LFS6. It worked very well.

Good to hear. :)

> Just a question. :)
> Would it be possible to install this livecd on a USB Stick?
> I tried to load it from a USB CDROM drive.  It booted the kernel, but
> it could not find the the liveCD.  I got this error.
> "I couldn't find an LFS LiveCD in any drive!!"
> I guess the USB modules are missing.

Well, actually, the problem was likely that the drivers *were* modules, 
and at that early stage in the boot modules couldn't be loaded. On the 
development version of the livecd, (currently 
lfslivecd-x86-6.1-1-pre2.iso) the USB storage driver is built directly 
into the kernel, so this should allow the kernel to detect your usb 
drive at that early stage. Hope this helps...

Jeremy Huntwork

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